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Sweet Dreams Anesthesia (SDA) is a Nashville, TN-based anesthesia services firm founded in 2011 by experienced anesthesia care clinicians who believed there was a better way to provide anesthesia services to facilities, surgeons and patients. With a partnership mindset, SDA’s goal is to be a trusted, long-term part of your team that you can count on in any situation.

SDA currently employs over 100 anesthesia providers and maintains a national presence while providing a personal touch. Our national reach allows us to provide individualized anesthesia services to healthcare facilities that serve a variety of community sizes, including urban and rural areas. Regardless of the size of the facility or the community served, SDA is ready to serve.

Corporate Structure

SDA strongly believes that corporate structure and leadership contribute to an anesthesia solutions firm’s ability to provide the best possible service to healthcare facilities and their customers. Anesthesia firms that are top-heavy administratively, or answer to private equity firms, can decrease quality of care and increase costs, which are passed on to consumers of healthcare services. Additionally, they can also directly impact the practice of the healthcare team, which may not be in the best interests of the patient.

SDA believes in and implements a lean, dynamic leadership approach to its day-to-day operations. This enhances SDA’s ability to make crucial changes to its organizational structure to better meet the needs of its partners and to minimize costs. This approach also provides greater access for our partners to SDA executive leadership.

Lastly, we are not beholden to private equity firms. This means that we 100% trust and allow our partners and anesthesia providers to utilize their best clinical judgement when treating patients. This also means that our costs remain lower than those owned by private equity firms, which benefits everyone involved, especially our patients.

Our Pledge to You

  • We pledge to bring our national experience to your organization
  • We pledge to be accessible to communicate when you need us
  • We pledge to simply provide an exceptional anesthesia service
  • We pledge that the service level at your organization is our #1 priority

4 Sweet Dreams Anesthesia CRNA Jobs

Title Location Posted
Tired of the hospital?
Accredited office-based plastics gig. Great surgeons and staff. Fun office to work! $1200/day, Mon-Fri, plus OT.
Kentucky-Bowling Green 08/09/2023 View
Stable small town group.
Recent expansion.... stable group for 6 years. 2 weeks on/off (call alternating days when on). 17 weeks/off. Bread/Butter with OB. $270/K 1099.
Kentucky 08/09/2023 View
Special opportunity in Loma Linda, CA
New partnership with LLUH. FT outpatient GI in LLUH. 8 hours or less/day. Great opportunity to grow with us in the region.
California 08/09/2023 View
In Patient GI
Special Opportunity. In-patient GI only. No call/nights/weekends. Need a chief CRNA to help establish this practice.
California 08/09/2023 View

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